Dental Partners of South Augusta dentistBecause everyone deserves access
to good dental care.

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Everyone deserves access to good dental care in Augusta Georgia

Smile a Joyful Smile

Patients needing to find a dentist in South Augusta will
be delighted to learn that Dental Partners of South Augusta
has opened a family dental practice on Peach Orchard Road!
Bright Smile! Dr. William Palmer Westmoreland, Dentist in Augusta GADr. W. Palmer Westmoreland
and staff believe that everyone
deserves access to good
dental care. They work hard
to offer affordable health
care that advances dental
wellness and promotes a
beautiful and joyful smile.

Dental Services

Cavities and Root Canals
Cleanings and dental exams
Gum Disease
Partials and Dentures
Emergency Dentist Augusta

Dental Services in South Augusta
“Our mission is to become lifetime
partners in the healthcare of our
patients, helping them to achieve
the highest standard of diagnostic,
preventive, and restorative care
within their financial means and

Dr. and Staff at Dental Partners of South AugustaRestorative Services:
Cavities, Crowns, Root Canals
Cavities are damaged areas in the enamel of your teeth that become holes. Ignoring a cavity can lead to infection, tooth pain and loss. A cavity filling can be either an amalgam filling (metal fillings) or a more natural looking filling (composite fillings). Root canals and crowns may also be an option when restoring a tooth with serious decay. When unable to restore and save a tooth due to serious tooth decay and infection, extraction may be the answer.

Preventive Care:
Cleanings, Fluoride, Sealant Treatments
Regular examinations and cleanings go along way to maintaining good oral health and heading off cavities and gum disease. Fluoride and Sealant treatments are available to help strengthen teeth against cavities.

Gum Disease:

Gum Therapy, Scaling and Root Planing
Gum disease is an infection of the gums caused by plaque. Plaque is a sticky film that collects on teeth and gums, producing acids and toxins. These toxins make gums red, puffy and often bleed. Over time, gum disease can cause the gums to pull away from the teeth, creating pockets between the teeth and gums. These pockets can trap germs that weaken the bone around tooth, which untreated, may lead to tooth loss. Though gum disease is common, early detection and good oral care can treat and reverse the effects of the disease. Should it be discovered that there is gum disease, scaling and planing allows the dentist to clean the area between the tooth and gum to prevent progression of gum disease.

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Replacement Services:
Bridges, Dentures and Partial Dentures
A missing tooth or teeth affects your appearance, as well as the ability to chew your food comfortably or speak confidently. Implants, Bridges, dentures, and partials can address the issue of a missing tooth or teeth, and help your regain your confidence and your enjoyment of meal time.

Dentures and Partials:

Dentures are replacements for missing teeth and can be removed and reinserted in the mouth. Partial dentures can be used when some natural teeth are still present, while full dentures are indicated when all natural teeth are missing. Dental Partners of South Augusta can take you step by step thru this process and restore your appearance, confidence and the enjoyment of mealtime.

Emergency/Urgent Care Services:

Tooth aches and other dental emergencies often occur at the most unexpected or inconvenient moments. When a dental emergency calls for an urgent care response, we will work very hard to see you that day. Call us at 706 798-8300 to determine how best to alleviate your distress. Call 911 if having a medical emergency.

Teeth Whitening

Dental Partners of South Augusta offers both in office, and at home
teeth whitening

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From left to right, these friendly smiles
belong to: Terri Shepherd (front office),
Natalie Pressman (dental hygienist),
Julie Brazell (dental assistant, front office)
Hard to smile when you hurt.Waking up with a tooth ache and finding andentist emergency dentist is no fun.

Dental Partners of South Augusta is ready to alleviate your urgent tooth pain, then help you establish good oral health habits that help avoid your need for emergency dental care in the future.

Perhaps your smile leaves you self-conscious or you are having trouble chewing. Preventive cleanings and teeth whitening can brighten a dull smile while implants, bridges, and dentures can help address a missing tooth or teeth.

Dental Partners of South Augusta is committed to providing your entire family life long dental health care that respects your fianances and standards, while promoting the blessing of good health.


Dentists in Augusta GADentalPartners of South Augusta is centrally located in Richmond County for any patient
in the CSRA looking for a family dentist
including: Augusta, South Augusta and Mapquest directions to 2504 Peach Orchard Road, Augusta, GeorgiaWaynesboro, Georgia as well as Aiken & North Augusta,
South Carolina.

We look forward to meeting you!

Meet Dr. Westmoreland
W. Palmer Westmoreland, DMD of LaGrange, Georgia, completed his undergraduate work at the University of Georgia. Encouraged by his father to build his future by using his hands, Dr. Westmoreland answered the calling to be a dentist and completed his medical degree at the Medical Dr. Palmer College of Georgia School of Dentistry in 2003.
It was there that he met his lovely wife Sara and together they decided to remain in the Augusta area for its big city/small town feel.

Both Doctor and Mrs Westmoreland are very involved with their community and church, as well as raising three energetic, young sons! Dr. Westmorelands mission to bring dental health care to everyone extends beyond the Augusta and Aiken areas. He has been part of a volunteer team of dentists treating patients in Peru, Bulgaria, Ecuador and Trinidad.
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